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    Zaguán is the elaborate entry-passage in the grand old colonial homes of Spain and Latin America. Like an announcement of entry into the home, the Zaguán is carefully carpeted with a pebble-stone mosaic. Zaguán is a symbol of invitation and Latin history; a literal ground-making of warm Latin Hospitality. Strolling on a busy street in many Latin American cities you can peer in through the carved wooden doorway to search out the treasured traditional entry space; each Zaguán carries its particular recipe of both family and colonial memory Zaguán is a mosaic of stone and tile: it invites you to enter the old home and eat with friends and family.

  • Also at Zaguán :

    • Catering services – box lunches, buffet, breakfast trays, and others - office lunch, corporate events, weddings, quinceañeras, anniversaries, and others
    • Bulk sales of cookies, breads, croissants, cakes – for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, convenient stores
    • Shipment of specialty products - order your non-perishable or perishable product to be delivered anywhere in the U.S.

    Reviews and Awards

    "On behalf of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Quality & Excellence Entrepreneur Nomination Selection Committee, we are excited and honored to inform that Carlos A. Branger has been selected the winner of the 2010 Quality & Excellence Entrepreneur Pacesetter Award. We commend you for your accomplishments and track record of success!..." Yolanda Tafoya, Interim CEO The Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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Zaguán Concept

Zaguán is a symbol of Latin Hospitality in Dallas. Zaguán offers “a mosaic of tastes” – a truly unique and healthy selection of authentic Latin American delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Its ample offering includes delicious appetizers; mouthwatering entrees; artisan desserts, cakes and pastries; freshly made and baked cookies, croissants and breads; top quality Colombian coffee, Latin hot chocolate, Latin sodas and fresh fruit smoothies

  • Main courses/specialties - cachapas, arepas, pabellón-ropa vieja, empanadas, milanesa, tequeños, arroz con pollo, hallacas, and others
  • Specialty breads and croissants - ham and cheese cachitos, ham bread, cheese bread, guava & cheese bread, dulce de leche & cheese bread, chocolate croissant, cheese croissant, egg/ham/cheese croissants, and others
  • Cookies/pastries/desserts - alfajores, palmeras, merengues, pasteles (guava, guava & cheese, dulce de leche & cheese, cherry, apple), cuatro leches, tres leches, flan, churros and others
  • Artisan cakes - cakes for any occasion – weddings, quinceañeras, birthdays, anniversaries any other special event
  • Check out our menu section for detailed information

“Italians are also Latin” Gino Soldan- Morelli’s Gelato Master Gelaterie

Zaguan high quality and authentic Latin menu is now even more rounded with the addition of Morelli's Gelato experience. Enjoy Morelli's Gelato "fun in every melting mouthful"

Enjoy Morelli’s Gelato Experience @ Zaguan

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Customer Reviews

"It's so Latin American"

-Camila Castellanos

“Amazing café and bakery located off of Oak Lawn. The owner is extremely friendly, and the food and natural juices are amazing. They have wonderful homemade breads and desserts, as well as great breakfast food. It is our favorite place in Dallas, and I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!”

-Best of Bakery

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